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Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and/or single tooth dentistry to the best of our ability 100% of the time while providing outstanding customer service that meets or exceeds patient expectations. To maintain comfort and pain free dentistry as much as possible, as well as educating patients so that each patient will have the knowledge to make their own oral health decisions.


Our mission at Desert Breeze Dental is to achieve results for our patients in Las Vegas. We achieve this goal by investing time, sharing knowledge and focusing on the needs of the individual patient. We take pride in our diagnosis, prevention and treatment techniques for implant dentistry, dentures and Cerec dentistry. We create ideal, custom smiles that are as unique as our patients. We offer a wide range of services, including dental implants, porcelain crowns and denture repairs. If you are looking for an experienced dentist for a dental crown, we offer exceptional quality care and the latest techniques in dentistry in Las Vegas. Browse our website for a full listing of our services. Learn More
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Implants & Restoration

Dental implants permanently replace a tooth that has been extracted or fallen out. The implant post is surgically placed in the jawbone to anchor an artificial tooth for normal appearance and function. The results are stable and reliable. Learn More


Sedation techniques are appropriate for anyone that feels anxious, nervous or scared about dental treatment. Inhaled or taken orally, sedation medications put patients in a highly relaxed state for a more comfortable dental experience. Learn More
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