Dental Implants in Las Vegas

Restore a Beautiful Smile

Having a full set of healthy teeth is what makes a smile beautiful. It’s also what enables you to chew your favorite foods comfortably, as well as smile and speak confidently. If you have lost a tooth or had a tooth extraction, you can still enjoy a full set of teeth. A reliable, long-term solution for missing teeth, dental implants are artificial tooth roots that serve as the foundation for fixed replacement teeth. They look, function, and feel like natural teeth and will fill in the gaps to complete your smile. Centre d’implantologie dentaire de Quebec is a leading provider of implant dentistry in Quebec city and Montreal, Canada. Our team has worked on complex cases involving the replacement of one or more teeth with dental implants. We strive to make treatment as affordable and convenient as possible, knowing that our patients are excited to sport their newly radiant smile.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the preferred method for permanent tooth replacement. Because they are placed in the jawbone and eventually fuse to the living cells of the bone, they offer the sturdiest base for replacement teeth. They restore full chewing and biting function; in fact, the chewing motion keeps the jawbone stimulated and prevents its deterioration. The implant post and the artificial tooth will not move or shift around in the mouth. Dental implant posts and the artificial tooth are made from high-quality materials for durable, natural looking results. The tooth will be customized to match the surrounding teeth in color, shape, and size. No one will be able to tell the difference between your dental implant and your natural teeth.

More about Dental Implant Treatment at Desert Breeze Dental

Dental implant treatment is carefully planned out. Your remaining teeth and gums will be examined, and the density and quantity of your jawbone will be evaluated using CT scanning and other diagnostic technology. Our team needs to ensure that you have adequate bone to support the implant(s), and to determine where the implant will be placed. After your specific implant needs have been determined, the specifications for the implant(s) are sent to a dental laboratory that will make the post and the artificial tooth. First, the post is surgically placed in the jawbone. Then, the artificial tooth is attached to the top of the post. Any adjustments for fit, comfort, or appearance will be made.

Trust Us with Your Implant Treatment

When you trust your dental implant treatment to the Desert Breeze Dental team, you can rest assured that you are in excellent care. Dr. VreNon is one of the leading implant dentists in Las Vegas and is widely known for his dental implant expertise. He will work alongside you to identify your goals, lay out your treatment options, and make the selection best suited to your needs. You have the ultimate deciding vote on how to proceed. This collaborative effort between doctor and patient leads to greater patient satisfaction and comfort. Your treatment experience with Desert Breeze Dental isn’t over once your implants are in place. We recommend you visit us periodically so Dr. VreNon can check your implants and ensure they continue to fit and function normally. Think of us as your partners in oral health for life. Would you like to learn more about dental implant treatment? Desert Breeze Dental encourages you to contact us and schedule an informational consultation. Call us today at (702) 869-0032 to make an appointment with Dr. VreNon.